Welcome to MUT e. V. – the German metalworking industry's round table

In its role as an association of German metal conviction, processing and trade companies MUT e.V. represents the metalworking industry and its value network as a whole. Its respective members are represented at the highest echelons of the society. The aims of the society are to facilitate professional exchange across branch and association boundaries, and to accumulate new knowledge to the advantage of the German metalworking industry. Antitrust issues are not impacted by this.

The society develops solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the German metalworking industry – primarily under the aspect of globalised markets, and in conjunction with associated technology partners, in terms of the sustainable use of energy, raw materials and information resources. In addition MUT e. V. maintains a dialogue with policy makers.

The individual members strive to increase market penetration and work on high-tech applications. To help facilitate this MUT e. V. cooperates with Eurometal and runs the MUT Metall Denkfabrik. This is funded by the MUT Metall Stiftung GmbH. The society members impart their new knowledge, from this collaboration, to universities and other associations to accomplish a multiplication effect for the benefit of the German metalworking industry.